Start of activities extends to the year 1970 when Olga Markovic started producing various LDPE bags. Following the enlargement of the transition to the extrusion sleeve TER foil activity in 1994 he moved to the newly built workshop in Log in Žužemberk, which operated as an independent entrepreneur OLMAPLAST Olga Markovič LP ALL done in 2003, when he retired.

At the same location is performed under the name FOLIJAPLAST Andrej Markovič LP, which is the cessation of operations OLMAPLAST-a assume employees SOFTWARE to supply business partners. Because it demonstrates the need for ever enlargement of the premises, so to build 2006 new business premises with a total usable area of ​​approx. 500m2. FOLIJAPLAST Andrej Markovič VP to continue to do business VSE September 2013, that transformation towards FOLIJAPLAST l.l.c., which currently has 13 employees in. Director FOLIJAPLAST l.l.c. Andrej Markovic.

From the outset activities OLMAPLAST in a below FOLIJAPLAST l.l.c. the first priority was to meet the needs of the pharmaceutical industry. Investments in development both been so far targeted for the best possible quality to meet the requirements of the pharmaceutical industry

More quality policy can be found in the document: Quality policy

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